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Starting a Poultry Farm for Beginners - A Business Plan

Date: 2017-04-07 13:01

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MGSG is led by Heidi Ponic. Heidi initially got her start in growing while working at a greenhouse. After college, Heidi went to work for a large grass seed company. This experience is what solidified Heidi's desire to continue working in an agricultural capacity. Soon after her experience at the Willamette Seed Company she decided to enroll in Oregon State University's Master of Horticulture Program. Heidi's Masters provided her with requisite detail and skills to develop her own farm business.

Starting Chicken Farm Business - Startup Biz Hub

The objective of this study is to undertake a detailed investigation of the technical, market, and financial feasibility of the project, bearing in mind the size of the target market (potential customers), the existing competition, project location, investment costs and financial returns of the project.


In terms of specific output, the livestock sub-sector can be broken into product sub-groups such as, poultry meat, goat meat, lamb/mutton, beef, pork, milk and eggs.

WSBDC – Washington Small Business Development Center

"The SBDC was a main source of education on the process of purchasing a business. Our success was because of the help received."

A business plan can be thought of as a process, not just a product. Even if you don t intend to apply for loans or grants (which often require a business plan as part of the application), writing a business plan for your small farm venture can help you, well, plan! That s the purpose: to get you thinking about where you want your farm to go, what you envision for the future - and how, specifically, you plan to get there.

Maybe you ve been raising laying hens for your family and want to expand, or perhaps you re starting fresh with a new flock and already know you want to get into the business of selling eggs. Either way, raising chickens who produce farm-fresh eggs can be a fun and profitable venture. There are just a few things to consider when starting your own egg business that will ensure your success.

Mixed Greens Salad Gardens' mission is to provide the highest-quality salad greens. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall in to place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

Poultry farmers, especially the ones specializing in broiler and layer production, are the potential consumer’s of the day-old chicks produced by the hatchery section. Point of lay for egg production involves the raising of the pullet chicks from 5 – 68 weeks. Such chicks must be obtained from reputable hatcheries.

I recently read a heartbreaking account of a family faced with the decision to sell their small farm and move to the suburbs. The husband needed to go back to a full time job to support their family because they couldn 8767 t survive on the profit from raising all natural pork and poultry for market.

If you are running a poultry farm for commercial purposes and you intend getting the best out of the business with respect to high birds’ productivity and efficiency. Then you should consider housing your birds using the intensive system. Note that each of the three housing system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Lastly, your poultry housing structure should be built at a particular angle taking sunlight and wind into consideration.

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